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Work Experience Award (Self-Nomination)

Work Experience Award (Self-Nomination):  For Extra-Curricular Placements & Internships

The Work Experience Award enables Queen’s students to gain accreditation for graduate career-relevant; self-organised and selected work placements of 50 hours or more.  

These work experiences will involve the candidate successfully negotiating a formal application and selection process in order to gain the post/place.  The actual work experience will be intensive, entail responsibility for others/delivery of a professional project; will require the student to work as part of a professional team towards agreed goals within specified deadlines.  It will also challenge the student to apply the transferable and/or subject specific skills developed as part of their degree into a work context that demonstrates their ability to make a successful transition into a graduate job role in the near future.

In order to qualify for accreditation, students must:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the requirements for this activity by reading this page in full.
  2. Identify and secure a graduate career-relevant work experience and complete it in full (50 hours +).
  3. After completing a relevant work experience submit/attach a Work Experience application form (with evidence and completed to an appropriate standard).

Work Experiences that typically qualify for accreditation under the Provider Verified route include: 



Self-Organised GAP Year or Summer Vacation Work/Scheme (E.g. Business Management Year out of Pharmaceutical Science Summer Work Experience)  

Queen's University Internship Programme (QUIP).  Queries to

Camp America

Boston Internship

BUNAC International Work and Leadership Experiences e.g. Summer Camp USA and other opportunities.