Aware of Mental Health

May 22, 2018
School of Pharmacy room PMI/OG/003A & 003B
09:00 - 12:00

Attendee: 20 


The School of Pharmacy and its students are dedicated to improving awareness of the importance of positive mental wellbeing.  This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of cognitive behavioural concepts to utilise as students and as future pharmacists, personally and with their patients.


The 5 Steps To Mental Wellbeing form the basis of the session and link to those outlined by Queen’s University ‘Mind Your Mood’ mental Health Campaign.  The session will act as an introduction to the Mental Health First Aid Training, available through the School by application and a selection process. 


The workshop will be available forall students and will provide a practical approach to developing a positive outlook and highlight evidence-based cognitive methods to improve wellbeing.  These can be applied to university life in order to maximise academic achievement and also in a professional setting, as a pharmacist. 


Student will gain an understanding of current evidence-based approaches to improving mental wellbeing and positive actions to deal with demanding situations, skills which are essential through university life and a professional career.


This workshop will last 3 hours, with participation from Aware NI and Laughter Therapy NI.  Lunch will be provided.


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