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Data analysis in R: from loading to coding


29/05/2018 - 29/05/2018


1:00PM - 5:00PM


Medical Biology Centre/01/002

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Attendees: 20

Duration: Half day (13:00-17:00)

Meeting point and time: Medical Biology Centre/01/002 at 13:00

Description: Quantitative skills such as data visualisation, statistical analysis and results reporting are becoming highly sought-after by employers across a range of fields. Statistical analysis has become a powerful and versatile skill our graduates need to succeed. The field of statistics is advancing at a rapid pace, and the ability to perform statistical analysis has become irreversibly coupled with the student’s capability to operate the (typically complex) statistical software responsible for executing that analysis. For the life sciences, the flexibility of R and advances in statistical computing have made data analysis more powerful and versatile than ever. This tutorial will give you the skills to conduct basic analysis and data visualisation and introduce you to the more advanced side of statistical analysis. At the end of this tutorials, you should be competent and capable of using R to conduct statistical analysis and should be able to apply your skills to your honours thesis and beyond.


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