Research Experience Day

May 14, 2018
09:00 - 17:00

Research Experience Day – Hosted by the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Centre for Experimental Medicine and Centre for Public Health

Open to Level 1 Biomedical Science and Human Biology Undergraduates

Level 1 Biomedical Science and Human Biology Students will be invited to the 3 Research Centres at the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, where they will have the opportunity to hear about the ground breaking medical research being undertaken at the Schools 3 Research Centres and have the opportunity to develop their skills by carrying out some of the experimental techniques currently being used. This interactive Research Experience Day may also stimulate participants’ interest in a particular area of research providing them with more information when it comes to choosing Level 3 research Projects.

Deadline 5:00pm Friday 20th April 2018

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