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Social Enterprise Hackathon




11:00AM - 2:00PM


Students Union, Enterprise SU Suite

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Attendees: 25

The Enactus Social Enterprise Hackathon will be a free one-day event where teams will identify social challenges and work together to create possible solutions (maybe even future business ideas!)  


Students will take part in interative workshops designed to help boost their employability and gain a unique insight into how to generate new ideas and what to do with them.  Students will meet students from different programmes and share their skills whilst learning from others too. The Hackathon will cover enterprise skills that employers are increasingly looking for including leadership qualities, pitching/communciation skills, commerical awareness and team work experience.  


Students from all disciplines are encouraged to attend for variety in knowledge and skills set. Teams will be formed on the morning of the event so students do not need to attend as a team.