Understanding how your assignment is marked: Turning an average mark into a first

May 22, 2018
David Keir Building 03/010 (UG Planning Studio)
10:00 - 13:00

Attendees: 20 

This workshop is aimed at students studying for a planning degree but is equally useful to students on any social science degree programme.

The workshop is intended to provide greater understanding of the criteria used in the marking of student work and, as a result, help students attain higher marks in their future assignments.

Students will be introduced to the marking criteria for a 'hypothetical' essay. Working in pairs students will be asked to read, mark and provide feedback on a selection of essay answers.
The marks and feedback proposed will be debated by the class and compared with those given by the lecturer. This exercise enables students to identify and prioritise what is important to demonstrate in their answers in order to ensure a high mark.

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