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EEECS Lego Lab: little bricks helping to solve big problems


7/01/2019 - 11/01/2019


12:00PM - 4:00PM


EEECS Lego Lab, 16 Malone Road (adjoined to the Computer Science Building)


The overall aim of this project will be to wire up Lego buildings with lights, motors, sensors, and controls to make our Lego world come alive and mimic a real city as much as possible. Students will be based in the EEECS Lego Lab, one of the newest laboratories on-campus housing over 10 large Lego models and a large store of electronics. The Lego buildings provide models of real-world scenarios where students can learn, innovate and create future technologies which could be applied to the world around us.

The Lego Lab project week allows students to participate in a selection of projects over the course of 5 days. Students will use Arduino and Raspberry Pi’s to help make the Lego world come alive. The projects span a range of areas including transport, smart home/city technology, “healthy days at home” & health care and beyond! Projects will include:

See the invisible: Exploring how sensors can detect magnetic fields, invisible light, heat and many other invisible things around us. From neural imaging technology to “invisibility cloaks” we will explore how you can build a more informed picture of the world around us by seeing the invisible.

Bright idea: The popularity of smart home technology is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Whether it saves energy, money or time, autonomously controlling the technology around us can have many benefits. Using the Lego city as your building blocks you can take control of the sights and sounds to create a customised world.

Autonomous car: Self-driving cars and semi-autonomous cars will soon be part of everyday use; for some that day is today. This project will look at the different technology available to control a vehicle around the Lego city.

Student-generated ideas for projects will also be welcome.

The project week will begin on Monday 7th January with the official launch and introduction. Teams will identify a project they wish to explore triggering the start of the R&D process. Teams will have until the end of the week to develop and realise their projects at which time each team will present their project during the EEECS Lego Technology conference alongside the other projects. Staff will be on hand to assist where required throughout the week. Light refreshments will be provided each day.