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Go For Launch: Rocketry Ground Support


7/01/2019 - 11/01/2019


10:00AM - 4:00PM


David Kier Building (DKB) and Computer Science Building (CSB)


During the 2018 summer development weeks students began our ambitious Queen’s Rocket Project and fabricated engine nozzles, poured fuel grains, created physical and virtual aerodynamic models, and launched several high altitude balloons. Moving forward we are looking to begin igniting engines and launching rockets over the next 12 months – and for this we need the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to safely and confidently control fuelling and ignition.

This project will be to design, specify, procure, and build suitable GSE for both hybrid (solid non-reactive fuel filled with liquid oxidiser) and solid (reactive) fuel engines including the electronics, solenoid valves, remote control panels, safety systems, and everything in between. Additionally participants are welcome to explore the creation of a static ground test rig which will allow the safe and controlled firing of engines while measuring thrust and other key indicators.

This project will be jointly facilitated by staff and the FLARE student society. Staff and FLARE will be on hand throughout the week to help guide the process and support any ordering needed, and a number of group meetings will be held to discuss ideas and progress.