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LaTeX: a gentle introduction to professional typesetting




10:00AM - 1:00PM


Maths and Physics Teaching Centre, 01/004-006


LaTeX (pronounced: Lay-tek) is a document preparation system in which the writer uses plain text as opposed to formatted text, as in WYSIWYG word processors like MS Word.


The plain text, that includes special commands, is then converted in beautifully typeset documents with a professional look. LaTeX is the standard in most science publications in academia and for the preparation of books. Among the great advantages of LaTeX are the vectorial rendering of equations and an easy way of cross-referencing citations, sections, figures…LaTeX is the standard for MSci thesis at the School of Maths & Physics.
This hands-on workshop is a primer for LaTeX, no previous knowledge is required. The first part will include the instructions to prepare your first paper in LaTeX, while in the second part students will practice the typesetting of more complicated structures.