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Personality Assessment - Find out how you approach work, life and studies




10:00AM - 1:00PM


David Keir Building 0G.012

Personality Assessment 3

This session is only for students studying in Level two BSc Psychology or on the MSc Psychological Science degree pathways. 

In this morning session, you will have the opportunity to complete a widely used measure of personality that Psychologists use in recruitment/selection and promotion schemes to help employers get to know applicants' strengths and development opportunities. After receiving a brief introduction to the theory behind personality and personality testing, you will score your own personality assessment under the direction of a Psychologist, who will also guide you on how to interpret your individual results.

The personality test used in this event is the one you completed in the lecture practical for individual differences in week 8. If you completed the personality test in class, then you should come at 11am, where you will be provided with the opportunity to interpret your results in detail (beyond the interpretation in class) and receive feedback. If you completed the test in class, but are not sure of your results, please email who can look them up for you IF you consented for your results to be stored. 

If you did not complete the test in class, then you should come to the event at 10am where you will be given time to complete the test and derive your scores, ready for the interpretation and feedback event starting at 11am.

The aim of this session is to provide you with the opportunity to reflect on your own personality dispositions, and understand how you as an individual tend to approach various work, life and academic situations. This experience will provide you with insights into your own behaviour which will be useful when making decisions about your future career pathway, help you to improve your approach to studying and also identify personal development goals. It will also provide you with a general insight into psychological testing and the work of a Psychologist.
Please note that numbers are limited due to the practical nature of administering a personality assessment, and the costs associated with the tests which are being covered by the School of Psychology.