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Student Led Event

Art and Medical Sciences Workshop

"We were able to bring together students from a variety of disciplines and new friendships were formed. We also had some fantastic pieces of artwork created from people who had artistic and non-artistic backgrounds. Staff also joined us and it was a great opportunity to meet and chat to lecturers in a relaxed environment that often isn’t available during the year." - Hannah Badger

Student Led Event

Nature Photography Workshop

“I found that this was an excellent opportunity to learn vital skills for any future professional endeavors. Preparing risk assessments, contacting the photographer, and ensuring everyone’s safety and satisfaction was a very fulfilling experience. I feel like now I’ll be much more confident in taking on similar projects in the future, which will definitely be an advantage in future jobs.” - Farah Hamden

Staff Led Event


"Development Weeks provided an opportunity to interact with students from a wide spectrum of different schools in the university"

Staff Led Event

Third International Conference of Women and Leadership

"Going into the conference I had high expectations given the legacy and positive reputation surrounding the event due to the success of previous years. Overall I believe this is a priceless experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone if the opportunity presented itself. It was inspiring and useful. I am very grateful that I was able to attend." - Nadine Keightley

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