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Inspiring Leaders Masterclass: Leading Through Change (Delivered by PwC)


20/05/2019 - 20/05/2019


10:00AM - 11:00AM


0G/074, Lanyon Building

Open to Student Volunteers

Inspiring Leaders Masterclass: Leading Through Change

Whether you're an Inspiring Leaders alumni or a student volunteer who wants a taster of the programme – we have the perfect opportunity for you!

This free Inspiring Leaders Leading Through Change Masterclass delivered by PwC.

There is no denying the landscape of business is shifting. Not only are things changing, but change is happening faster than ever. In business, the one guarantee is change.

Organisations of all sizes will experience a great deal of change at some point and it’s up to the leader to create an atmosphere of effective adaptation. The best organisations that dominate the market and competition have leaders that know how to lead through change better than anyone else, as well as bring out the best in their people during times of extreme uncertainty. This masterclass will give you an insight to better understand the need for leaders during times of change and an introduction to some of the tools to deal with change.


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