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Map a Voice


24/05/2019 - 24/05/2019


2:00PM - 4:00PM


The Sonic Lab

The proposed activity is a workshop and performance, based on the collaborative research initiative Map a Voice.


As part of the collaborative research initiative Map a Voice (, the following activities are proposed: 

In two activities, we will ask "what keeps us together": 

Activity 1: 

We will place QR codes in the Sonic Lab. Each QR code will correspond to a pre-recorded audio of a phoneme taken from the sentence, "what keeps us together." We will ask participants to explore the space, find the QR codes, retrieve the pre-recorded audios, listen to them and create their own vocalisations, and send them to a central host computer by means of an app or an email address via email, which we will provide. 

We will use an "auto-composer" code developed by Dr Kurt Werner (Music/SARC) to re-assemble the audio clips gathered from participants. This code will allow us to play back the re-assembled voices in varied lengths and with different spacings. We will spatialise the playback of the audios in a 3D surround audio environment, with the unique configuration of the Sonic Lab. 

 For this activity, we will ask participants to use a smart phone. We will provide a link to a free barcode scanner app and voice recording app. 


Activity 2: 

 As an additional activity, we will explore transmitting voice through certain fabrics and materials, including aluminium, glass, plastic, wood, and silk. We will use the same sentence "what keeps us together" as a trigger. We will ask participants to reassemble these materials in their own way and transmit the sentence to one another using the materials. We will provide a demonstration and amplify the demo. 

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