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Policy Simulation


23/05/2019 - 23/05/2019


10:00AM - 1:30PM


Geography 0G/006


Policy planners increasingly use simulations to consider futures, plans and scenarios. They provide a safe but challenging and realistic environment in which to experience all the constraints and frustrations of the real world and with a little preparation beforehand and reflection afterwards. The learning they generate is enormous!

This simulation is about policy-making and management in public policy. It has been designed to help students better understand the forces and drivers for change operating in a typical system and how the many different interests involved interact. The context for this specific simulation will be a Northern Ireland locality. Whether you are studying a STEM subject, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities or for one of the professions, this is for you. The purpose of the simulation is to help you learn in a safe environment how deal with them all in real life! No preparation in advance is required but if you want to explore what you understand ‘policy’ to be, that may help you.

The simulation has been developed by John Eversley and Jude Stephens. John has taught policy-making for several universities in London as well as having worked in policy development and analysis for many years. Jude is the Postgraduate Degree Convenor, Gibson Institute for Land, Food and Environment at Queen’s.

So come and simulate! It will be a chance to network, learn a lot and equally important- have fun!!

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