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QLAB Project Week


27/05/2019 - 31/05/2019


10:00AM - 5:00PM


CSB Makerspace

QLab is a student-led, staff supervised laboratory in the new computer science building. It is designed to be a space students can develop innovative and creative projects in the technology sector.

After a successful development week last year we want to run 4 projects concurrently over 5 days each for 10 students. 4 projects will be run over the week by project leaders (also students) that students can apply to join and apply the skills learnt in their undergraduate degree or learn new ones. Academic staff will be on hand to assist where required throughout the week;

Proposed Projects: (Summarised)

Robotic Arm Build - Taking a popular robotic arm design - participants will construct an aluminium robotic arm with 6 degrees of freedom as a team of 10. No prior experience is required, but you'll be interested in developing hands-on skills in electronics, manufacturing and assembly.

Automatic Wheelchair - In QLAB we've recently converted an Electric wheelchair to be remotely controlled and deployed autonomous driving algorithms on it to allow it to drive with human interaction. In this project, we'll be building another one. You'll have all the parts and our first version one to work with. Your team leader will guide you through this project and you'll learn about autonomous navigation develop skills in electronics and dabble in some programming using Python.

Virtual Northern Ireland - More details to follow...

3D Interactive Chatbot with Avatar - With our 3D screen you'll work to develop a chatbot that can interact with people through a 3D avatar. You'll develop technical skills, using unity, java among other skills.

Student Development:
This proposed project week will allow students to develop their teamworking skills, allow them to part of a project in a cutting-edge field and most importantly for us will encourage future participation in QLab. An excellent development week for any CV!

The week will be structured as a morning and afternoon session with a break for lunch and on the final day (Friday 18th May) there will be an afternoon showcase of all the project progress, an opportunity to continue work with QLab in the coming academic year and a social event in the evening of the final day.

We’ve followed the ethos of many tech companies around the world in terms of the structure of the week and split our work into ‘sprints’ each project and each role within a project will have a specific sprint goals, set by the project leader and it will be the project leader’s responsibility to keep tabs on progress. QLab is about creative learning. Sprints are a way to chart progress but they are not a strict timetable.

Food and Prizes will be provided throughout the week and an award for the best project among others will be up for grabs.

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