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Development Weeks

Propose an event

Could you deliver an activity during Development Weeks? If you have an idea that you think would inspire, innovate and develop students at Queen's simply download and submit an Activity Proposal form below. Students, you can apply for up to £750 to deliver an activity to others, go to the Student Led Activity Fund section for more information.

Click here to download an activity proposal form

What type of events will be happening during development weeks?

Development Weeks events will be delivered by academics, staff and students from across the University, Students' Union, clubs and societies, employers and community partners and will take place across the University Campuses, both indoors and outdoors. Some events may involve travelling outside the City.

Activities will range from discussions and debates to exhibitions, interactive workshops, student conferences, poster sessions, work-based exercises, internships, bootcamps, showcases, work shadowing and online activities as well as other opportunities such as outdoors activities, hands-on, arts and theatre. Many will lead to Degree Plus accreditation. 

If you are a meber of academic or professional staff, an employer, community partner or a student and would like to deliver an activity during Development Weeks, please downlaod and complete the Activity Proposal form returning it to If you would like to discuss any aspect of your prposal please contact the DEvelopment Weeks Team at the same email address.

 If you are a student and would like to work with others (groups 2 -6) to organise and deliver a substantial activity to at least 20 peers then you can apply to the Student Led Activity Fund for up to £750 to run your event. See Student Led Activity section for more information.


What are the themes of the events?

Events will fall under the following broad categories which are aligned with Degree Plus:

            →       Global 

            →       Citizenship 

            →       Work Experience 

                   Professional and Career Development 


What are the advantages of delivering an event?

Delivering an event as part of the Development Weeks programme is an opportunity for:

  • Academic staff to engage with and inspire students by introducing them to a subject or area they may not have experienced before, engage with their own subject in a new way, or to provide them with the chance to learn skills that will enhance their employability. 
  • Students to build self-confidence, skills and experience as well as to inspire peers and engage them in activities which may lead to Degree Plus recognition.
  • Clubs and Societies to promote their areas of interest to a wider audience, grow their membership and showcase expertise and talent.
  • Employers to engage directly with students to promote opportunities available from their company and achieve closer fit between needs of their business and potential future employees.
  • Charities to promote their social aims and objectives to a wider audience and match students to opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

How do I apply?

Please download and complete a proposal form. Once completed send as an attachment to by Friday 2nd March 2018. 

Click here to download an activity proposal form