Student Led Activity Fund

What is the Student Led Activity Fund?

It is a new fund which provides students with financial support to deliver a substantial activity (see guidelines for details) during Development Weeks 2018.

Who can apply?

Students (in groups of 2 - 6) from across the University are eligible to apply.

What can you apply for?

Students (in groups of 2 - 6) can apply for up to £750 to deliver activities such as conferences, networking and cultural events, showcases, bootcamps, poster sessions, exhibitions, fairs, workshops and debates which relate to at least one of the four degree plus experiential strands below: 

  • Global
  • Citizenship
  • Personal and Career Development
  • Work Experience

 Why deliver a Development Weeks activity to peers?

Delivering a Development Weeks activity to peers will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and learning, enhance your confidence and build communication, team work and leadership skills (including, in some instances, on a cross-discipline basis) in a safe and supportive environment. Students who successfully deliver a Development Weeks activity will be eligible to have this experience recognised via Degree Plus Route A accreditation. 

How to apply?

To apply for funding students must submit a completed application form to providing a description of the proposed activity, specifically:

  • Key aims and objectives
  • Who the target audience is and why?
  • How you will promote your activity to students to gain a required minimum of 50 bookings and deliver to a minimum audience of 20?
  • What learning and/or skills students attending your activity will develop and how you will know this has been achieved?
  • How your activity relates to one or more of the Degree Plus strands.



  • 8 Jan 2018          Applications open 
  • 16 Mar, 5pm        Applications close (extended deadline)
  • 8 Jan -23 Mar      Shortlisting, assessment and approval of applications. Applicants made aware by March 26  
  • 01 Apr                 Learning outcomes and Degree Plus agreement.
  • Mar - Jun             Staged 25% payments via transfer to Queen’s student/club/society account.
  • 14 Jun                 Groups to produce a short written report on the success of the event and submit report to trigger final 25% payment. Final payments issued to groups (on receipt of all required documentation).

Download an Application form

Eligibility criteria and application guidelines.