Assessment Centres - Overview

Assessment Centres typically take place over one or two days and involve a range of recruitment activities e.g. interviews, psychometric tests, group tasks, presentations, in-tray exercises.

The schedule of an assessment centre will vary from company to company.

Watch this video of a real-life graduate assessment centre via QOL: At the Assessment Centre (QOL ->Other -> Careers Videos)

Find some useful tips on what to expect and how to prepare on Targetjobs: Assessment Centres

Some key points:

  • You will beassessed against the job criteria and not against the other candidates – all candidates at an assessment centre may be offered the job, or none may be offered the job.
  • If you feel you have under-performed in one task, motivate yourself to tackle the next tasks positively, as it is overall performance that counts.
  • Research the company to identify skills the assessors may look for, and demonstrate these skills wherever possible – even at the informal coffee breaks.
  • If psychometric tests play a part, familiarise yourself with them by practising a few.

Further help

You can arrange an appointment via MyFuture to get some help with preparing for an upcoming assessment centre.