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Bitesize careers

Any year

Level 1

Get some kind of experience - very few employers offer 'relevant experience' opportunities to first year students (there are a few exceptions below), but any experience e.g. part-time work, voluntary work, involvement in clubs and societies helps to develop your skills in ways that are valued by employers.

Start to think about the long-term - there are more 'relevant experience' opportunties for second year students, but if you don't know what you want to do longer term, it'll be difficult to know which experience is 'relevant' to you. First year is a good time to start to explore career options. If nothing seems of interest in that list, try these 10 tips for identifying and exploring your career options


Level 2 / Penultimate Year

Look for relevant work experience:

Thinking of postgraduate study abroad? - If you are considering undertaking postgraduate study abroad, it's best to start planning in your penultimate year

Final Year

  • Apply early for graduate schemes and / or postgraduate study.
  • Plus above opportunities for any year.