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The Edit is the Queen's quarterly careers newsletter written for AHSS students by AHSS students. The Edit Logo

Issue 1- September 2016– Including Charity and Development Sector and Employers recruiting from any degree discipline

Issue 2- October 2016- Including Broadcasting and Communication and is your social media costing you a job?

Issue 3- January 2017- Including History and Heritage Sector and fixing interview headaches

Issue 4– March 2017– Including Politics and Public Service jobs and building resilience for the job hunt

Issue 5 September 2017- Including: Enhancing your employability in the ‘creative’ sector, success stories and experiences 

Issue 6- October 2017- Including: What jobs are out there; How to break into the media industry and Exclusive interviews with RTS and BBC.

Issue 7- January 2018– Including: New Year, New You; International Students have their say, Insights to the Google and BBC events!

Issue 8– February 2018- Including: Building an AHSS network, A guide to workplace fashion, Postgraduate study options and an exclusive interview with a Disney producer!

Issue 9 – September 2018 – Including Interview with published writer Bernie McGill and the ten key superpowers all AHSS students have.

Issue 10 – October 2018 – Including building your journalistic portfolio at Queen’s and information to help you get started with a career in television.

Issue 13- September 2019- Including Go Global Week, Transferable skills you have and how to use them, What can joining a society do for you? 

Issue 14- October 2019- Including sign up for new languages, seminar tips, careers in film and more.

Issue 15- February 2020- Including Boost Your CV, Global Opportunities and more.

Issue 16- March 2020- Including CV Skills, Make the Most of Summer, Become an Editir and more