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Fairs for Students

Graduate Recruitment and Placement Fair 2016

Careers Fairs - How to make them work for you

Research - 
You will find a list of attendees on MyFuture. The information will include a brief description of the company and what they are recruiting for. Do some further research by visiting the company website before the Fair.

Try to find out about the employer/organisation before you go and talk with their representatives.
Be able to explain what attracts you about a particular type of work and why you are interested in the organisation.

Introduce yourself to the company representatives - let them know your degree, year and that you have researched them. Companies are impressed by a motivated student wanting to make an informed career choice and making an effort to search for positions before many of the opportunities disappear.

What to Ask 
Ask what sort of people the company is looking for in terms of degree, work experience etc.  Try to find out more about the opportunities on offer in terms of duties, responsibilities, starting salaries etc. Ask about the company in terms of the future prospects for a new employee, eg training and development opportunities and try to find out how you can make your application stand out.

Before you move on     
If you are interested in a position with the firm, say so and ask where you should go from there to get information or make an application.
Take a note of the name, position and company base of the representative you speak with; it will give you a contact to follow up.

Follow Up  
Make use of your contacts and the information that you collect. Don't be afraid to mention a representative's name in your application to the company.