How to Apply

  • How to Apply

University of Alberta


The University of Newcastle


Queen's University Kingston


Applications for the academic year 2019-20 are now open. 

Please see the application steps outlined below. The closing date for applications is 2pm on Friday 8 February 2019

We will be running information sessions in the Student Guidance Centre Hub on Tuesday 15 January, 1-2pm and Thursday 31 January, 1-2pm. Come along to hear from students who have just returned from exchange as well as practical information about the programme. You can sign up fo these workshops here

Step 1

You should complete one "Application for Undergraduate Exchange Programmes" form indicating, in rank order, your preferred universities. Please download the form below and complete it electronically. You should also download and read carefully the "Instructions for Completing the Application".

Step 2

Please download the guidance notes for each university that interests you. The guidance notes contain information about the university, available subject areas and relevant web addresses.

Step 3

You must complete a Course Selection Form for the university that you have ranked as first choice only.

If you are unable to download the forms or guidance notes above, please contact the Global Opportunities Team (Careers, Employability and Skills) in the Student Guidance Centre or email We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the exchange programmes