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Criteria & how to apply

Who may take part?

In the UK, Erasmus provides financial support only for full-time work placements, which are a recognised part of a student's degree course.

Students of any nationality, as long as they are enrolled on a full-time regular degree programme, are eligible to participate. Students originally from another programme country may return to their home country, but the Erasmus rules state that priority must be given to other students.  As the University receives a limited amount of Erasmus funding each year, it is therefore unable to offer Erasmus grants to students undertaking placements which are located less than 50 miles from a student's home address or the family home where they grew up. 

Erasmus rules allow students to undertake placements for up to 12 months in each cycle of higher education (Undergraduate, Masters, PhD).  This may be a combination of study and work placements.  However, depending on your degree course, it may only be possible to spend a shorter period of time abroad.  You should check this with your Queen's School.

How do i apply?

Once you have been nominated, you must ensure that you complete and return an Erasmus Grant Application Form (available from the Erasmus forms you will need section or from your Erasmus Programme Director) to your Erasmus Programme Director, who should forward it to the Global Opportunities team (Careers, Employability and Skills) at least 8 weeks before your placement start date. 

Payment of mobility grants cannot be made unless a form has been submitted.