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How to Book an Appointment

Book an appointment

You can view your requested / approved appointments via the main view.

To book an appointment, from the left hand menu select Appointments and Calendar> Book an Appointment

Then click on Request New Appointment, Appointment Type and Check Availability

Appointment Type options for all current Undergraduate Students:

  • Careers Appointment
  • Learning Development Appointment

Appointment Type options for Postgraduate students only:

  • Postgraduate Mock Presentations
  • Innovation (Postgraduate Only)
  • CMI appointment

If there is availability within the next 15 days, available appointment relevant to you discipline and level of student will show.  Select the Appointment you want by clicking on relevant option in red text and confirm the details of your request. (see figure 1)

Figure 1: Booking Appointments


If you book an appointment and subsequently need to cancel it or reschedule, click on the three dots (hamburger) at the right of the Approved Appointments record and choose the relevant option. (see figure 2)

Figure 2: Cancel, Reschedule or Add to Calendar options