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How to use a Virtual Fair

1. You can see who will be coming to the fair by signing into with your Queen's email and password. Go to Events and then Careers Fairs.

2. Click on the name of the fair and navigate to the section "See Who's Coming"

3. There is no need to RSVP. Note: if you do RSVP you will be asked to submit a CV/Resume - the employers attending will not be able to see this. This is a technical issue with MyFuture that we are trying to resolve.

4. On the day of the fair, sign in to 

5. Once the Fair is due to start, next to any employer or organisation that is signed in, a Live Chat Icon will appear:

4. Click on the Live Chat icon and then enter your name and compose your message to the employer.

5. You will be placed into a queue of people who wish to chat with that employer or organisation. The employer will see your chat request listed.
Note: if they are chatting with someone else and don't pick up your request within 2 minutes, your chat request will automatically disappear from their queue, so you may need to retry.

6. Once the employer accepts your chat request, you will be able to have an online chat with them. No other students will be able to see your chat.

7. The employers will not have access to view your CV through MyFuture. You can ask them for the best way to submit an application to them and they may give you an email address.