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Using Video Interviews

Video Interviews

Video Interviews provides the ability to record practice interviews. The feature is ready with many questions to choose from to build a custom mock interview. You may also need to use this tool as part of the application process for certain Career Development Programmes e.g. Global Leadership Programme.

To access Video Interviews click on Degree Plus & Video Interviews> Video Interviews (see figure 1)

Figure 1: Accessing Video Interviews



Recommended Interviews: A Recommended Interview is a group of interview questions created by the Careers, Employability & Skills. My Video Interviews> My Video Interviews contains a group of interview questions created by the you.

If you are creating your own interview click on the Create New Interview  button. You can create a completely new interview or copy questions from an exisiting interview and when you save and continue it takes you through to choose your questions. (See figure 2)

Figure 2: Creating a New Video Interview

Review the title, number of questions and duration of the video interview. Change the Interviewer if desired. The system will choose one by default, although some questions might be given by a another interviewer. Click the Start Your Mock Interview button to begin immediately. ( See figure 3)Once the interview is taken, editing the questions will be no longer available.

Then simply follow the instructions to set up camera and volume levels.

Click the Save and Take Interview Later button to take at a later time.

Figure 3: Start Your Mock Interview or Save and Take Interview Later