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Insight Into Management

Students spend around 30 contact hours engaged in interactive business games and case studies.  Students will work in small groups and each group will be facilitated by a recent graduate working in industry or commerce. The course structure is roughly:

Day 1 9:00am - 5:30pm

Day 2  9:00am - 5:00pm

Day3  9:00am -8:00pm

Insight into Management is a fun way of learning about management practices, activities and developing management and business skills.  Students will typically work in groups of around 8-10 with each group facilitated by a recent graduate working in business helping students with a range of business tasks.  The programme consists of a central business game around which we run spin-out case studies led by visitors to Queen’s.

By completing Insight into Management students will learn about core business functions, develop their business-related skills, network with potential recruiters and have fun into the bargain.

All we ask is that students are prepared for long hours, good fun and are prepared to get involved in all of the course tasks and activities. 

Candidates for Degree Plus will be required to keep a learning log and complete a 1000 word reflective account addressing the impact of Insight on career and skill development.

Cognitive/intellectual skills
The programme is designed to develop students problem solving skills through idea generation, innovation and team work.

Professional attributes/attitudes which include
Team work, leadership, initiative, motivating others, inter-personal skills are essentials of the programme.
Self-awareness and development, adaptability, flexibility, coping under pressure, negotiation are all integral to the programme.

Organisational Skills
Time management is critical as is the ability to organise and synthesise large amounts of detailed text and statistical data.  Groups have top prepare short presentations at very short notice.

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