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Cognitive and Intellectual Skills

Problem Solving

Applying Subject-Knowledge and Understanding

Below you will find a selection of resources to help you develop these employability skills, any resources from external parties will be indicated in the description.

Problem Solving

Ability to analyse issues, identify barriers and offer/implement potential solutions. This may involve prioritising tasks, coping with complexity, setting achievable goals and taking action.  It may also involve innovation at relevant points.

First Steps in Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Free Online Course

This provides you with a short introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship, clarifying some key themes and terminology and helping you to examine your own views about these important subjects. (The Open University)

The Open University, First steps in innovation and entrepreneurship online course

Making Creativity and Innovation Happen - Free Online Course

Creativity and innovation address ways of doing things better and differently. This free course, Making creativity and innovation happen, focuses both on individual creativity – where it comes from and how it can be developed – as well as creativity and the related concept of innovation at an organisational level. (The Open University)

The Open University, Making creativity and innovation happen online course

Making Decisions - Free Online Course

This free course will help you understand some of the processes involved in decision making. Attention to the psychology of decision making and the social context in which decisions are made can improve your understanding of others and yourself. (The Open University)

The Open University, Making decisions, online course

Digital Thinking Tools for Better Decision Making - Free Online Course

The invention of the digital computer has boosted the scale, speed and reach with which thinking tools extend our natural capabilities. This course introduces you to a wide variety of digital thinking tools. You will apply these tools in many practical activities and case studies, solving problems that involve finding and evaluating information, performing calculations and drawing reasoned conclusions. (The Open University)

The Open University, Digital thinking tools for better decision making, online course

The Shape of Ideation, Stefan Mumaw - TEDx Talk

Find out more about how creativity is involved in daily problem solving.

Stefan Mumaw The Shape of Ideation, TEDx Talk Video

Problem Solving: The Mark of an Independent Employee - Article

Discover how to develop your problem-solving skills and demonstrate them to eagle-eyed recruiters. (Target Jobs website)

Target Jobs website problem solving article

An Introduction to Recreational Math – Free Online Course

Discover what recreational math is and how to use it in education and mathematical research. (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Weizmann Institute of Science Introduction to recreational math online course

Managing Innovation: Learning to Prototype for Business – Free Online Course

Make sure your innovations work in practice, learn to create prototypes with this online course. (St George's, University of London)

St George's, University of London, Learning to prototype for business online course

Logical and Critical Thinking - Free Online Course

Identify common obstacles to effective thinking and improve your logical and critical thinking skills with this free online course. (The University of Auckland)

University of Auckland Logical and critical thinking online course

Innovation: the World's Greatest - Free Online Course

Understand what innovation means and consider the history and developments of innovative solutions that are important in our daily lives. (University of Leeds)

University of Leeds Innovation online course


Applying Subject Knowledge and Understanding

Potentially from the degree pathway. This might also include researching the types of industry/roles that the subject knowledge could lead to and mechanisms for doing this.

Careers Subject Knowledge - Online Resource

Studying with Queen’s University? Find Careers subject knowledge information from your School or Sector from our Careers sector resource

Mastering Your Craft, HIP Psychology - Podcast

Professor of Education, at Queen's University Belfast, Tony Gallagher gives an insight into the current times we live in with social isolation from Covid 19 and what this could mean for education. (HIP Pyschology)

Mastering your craft podcast episode

How to Boost your Legal Career during Lockdown, Law Careers.Net - Video

It’s a strange time to be pursuing a legal career, but there are plenty of things you can be doing during this time to stay motivated and focused. Check out Law Careers.Net top tips in their video below.

Law Careers.Net, Boost your legal career during lockdown video

Screen Industry - Free Online Courses

ScreenSkills is the industry-led skills body for the screen industries. They offer many free online training courses that are relevant to many subject areas.

ScreenSkills online courses 

Tangible Things – Free Online Course

Ever wondered about how museums, libraries, and other kinds of historical or scientific collections come together? Or how curators, historians, archivists, and preservationists do what they do? Find out more from this free online course (Harvard University)

Harvard University Tangible Things online course

HR Management Challenges – Free Online Course

Reflect on the challenges in HR management, leadership and the effect of globalisation on talent management. (The Open University)

The Open University HR Management Challenges online course

Developing Clinical Empathy - Free Online Course

Understand why empathy is so important for patient care, and develop your own empathic skills. (St George’s University of London)

St George’s University of London Developing clinical empathy online course

Copyright and Creative Industries - Free Online Course

Explore the role of copyright in the creative and cultural industries (CCI) and get practical advice on copyright (CISAC)

(CISAC) Copyright and creative industries online course

Climate Resilience for Rural Roads - Free Online Course

Explore the impact of climate change on rural roads and learn what professionals can do to manage it (University of Birmingham)

University of Birmingham Climate Resilience for Rural Roads online course

Developing Expert Educators for Healthcare Professions – Free Online Course

Learn to be a better healthcare educator and help your students find success in their health profession (University of Nottingham)

University of Nottingham Expert Educators for Healthcare Professions online course

Explore Filmmaking Online – Free Online Course

Learn how films go from script to screen and explore filmmaking opportunities (NFST and the BFI filmmaking academy)

​ NFST and the BFI Filmmaking online course

 An Image Analysis MOOC for Biologists  - Free Online Course

Get an introduction to image acquisition and analysis for biologists – from basic techniques to the future of image analysis, with this free online course. (University of Nottingham)

University of Nottingham Image analysis MOOC for biologists online course  

Online Jazz Piano Course – Free Online Course

Learn to play jazz piano, beginning with the blues. (Goldsmiths, University of London)

Goldsmiths, University of London Jazz Piano online course

Technical Report Writing for Engineers – Free Online Course

Get an introduction to technical report writing designed for student and professional engineers. (The University of Sheffield)

University of Sheffield Technical report writing for Engineers online course

Nutrition and Wellbeing – Free Online Course

Demystify the complex and conflicting messages we hear about nutrition, health and lifestyle. (University of Aberdeen)

University of Aberdeen Nutrition and wellbeing online course

Shakespeare: Print and Performance – Free Online Course

Learn about Shakespeare in print and performance around the world, from early modern times to today with this free online course Shakespeare: Print and Performance. (King’s College London)

King’s College London Shakespeare: Print and performance online course

Sustainable Construction and Development – Free Online Course

Gain valuable insights into sustainable construction and development. (CIOB and London South Bank University)

London South Bank University Sustainable construction and development online course

Pandemics, Modelling, and Policy – Free Online Course

Discover how computer modelling can help policymakers manage coronavirus COVID-19. (The Open University)

Open University, Pandemics, modelling, and policy online course

Explore Star Carr & Archaeology - Free Online Course

Discover Star Carr, one of the world's most important archaeological sites, and learn what life was like over 10,000 years ago. (University of York)

University of York Explore Star Carr and Archaeology online course

Introduction to Cognitive Psychology - Free Online Course

Explore cognitive psychology and learn how to use experiments to study the mind with this short, flexible learning course. (University of York)

University of York Introduction to cognitive psychology online course

Forensic Psychology Course: Witness Investigation – Free Online Course

Discover how to use forensic psychology to obtain evidence from eyewitnesses in police investigations . (The Open University)

The Open University, Forensic psychology online course

Global Prosperity Beyond GDP – Free Online Course

How can we think beyond GDP and build a prosperous economy that works better for people and the planet? Find out with this course. (UCL)

UCL Global Prosperity Beyond GDP online course

Start Writing Fiction - Free Online Course

Get started with fiction writing, focusing on the central skill of creating character. (The Open University)

Open University Start writing fiction online course

The Importance of Play in Everyday Life - Free Online Course

Join today this online course and discover the importance of play therapy in everyday life. Explore the valuable impact of play across cultures and communities. (The University of Sheffield)

The University of Sheffield, Importance of play online course

Online Basic First Aid – Free Online Course

Take this online first aid course and learn how to manage bleeds, choking, and people who have fallen unconscious. (University of Glasgow)

University of Glasgow , Basic first aid online course

Climate Change Solutions – Free Online Course

Explore the potential solutions to climate change and how they relate to the UN's sustainable development goals. (University of Exeter)

University of Exeter Climate change solutions online course

How to get a Conservation Job? – Free Online Course

Learn how to quickly, and easily start your career as a professional wildlife conservationist. If you’re a student, job-seeker or career-switcher you’ll learn the golden rule for getting started. (Conservation Careers)

Conservation Careers, How to get a conservation online course