Other Supports for PDP at Queen’s

Ultimately, it is in your best interests if you to drive your own Personal Development Plan.  At Queen’s you will have the opportunity for discussions with an experienced academic through, for example, the Personal Tutoring system (if you are an undergraduate) or your Supervisor (if you are a Postgraduate Research Student).  Your School and the Student Guidance Centre will collectively provide lots of opportunities for you to attend workshops and talks on a range of academic and career/professional topics.  These will range form introductory events, to help you get started on your plan, through to DegreePlus, job and postgraduate study interview/application workshops etc. 

It is common for us all to encounter other unexpected challenges as we work towards your goals.  It makes sense to try to deal with these as early as possible.  If the issue relates to a personal, financial or even an accommodation matter the University will provide support for this also through the Counselling Service and the Student Union Advice Centre.  Once you start to work through the problem, you not only feel better, but may also find that you have particular qualities or trigger points that you were not previously aware of.  In some circumstances, it may be appropriate to shift your development plan to a different but more appropriate direction for you. Being prepared to reassess your goals in this way, from time to time, is not only sensible, but can open up new opportunities for you.