What is Personal Development Planning?

A progress file is required for all students at Queens. It includes a transcript record of your academic marks and records of your Personal Development Planning in career, academic and personal contexts.

Personal Development Planning is a structured and supported process undertaken by you to reflect upon your learning, performance and/or achievements during your time at university.

Who is responsible for PDP?

You are ultimately responsible for you own PDP. However your School should provide opportunities and support to facilitate engagement PDP.

Will this help me get a job? Surely employers are only interested in my degree result.

In a highly competitive job market a good degree is no longer enough to guarantee you a graduate job. You need to do all you can to give you the edge and stand out. The skills you learn through PDP can help you do this.

I'm too busy; can't this wait to third year?

Any new skill takes time to develop. The earlier you start using PDP the more you will get out of it.

How to use PDP effectively

Employers do not want you to present them with voluminous PDP records at interview. It is the reflective processes and understanding that you will gain by using PDP that they want to see you demonstrate.

Can I use my PDP record to fill out my application form?

You must answer the question asked on the form in front of you. Do not just cut and paste the information from your PDP record. It is important to use the information to meet the requirements of that specific question and employer.

How can Careers, Employability and Skills help?

Careers, Employability and Skills is there to help you. You can speak to an adviser in confidence using the drop-in service intended for quick queries (no appointment necessary) or, for a more in-depth discussion, you can arrange a guidance interview with a professional and experienced careers adviser specializing in your subject area.