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Aaron McKenna
BSc Zoology
Graduate Management Trainee- Moy Park

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How did you get there?

I think the mixture of my Agricultural background (Dairy Farm at home) plus a Biological Science Degree really was the perfect combination for my current role. I firmly believe that if you want to pursue a career which is still related to Agriculture and you come from a farming background, a science degree opens a lot more doors than say a straight Agri Degree, as you have a perfect blend which is ideal for an Agri Science or Technical role.

People skills are also key heading into any workplace, if you are heading towards employment and lack people skills I would strongly advise you do something about it as these skills are not only key to finding employment but also making an impression once you are in a job.

Making use of Careers, Employability and Skills at Queen's

Careers service provided to me during my time at Queens is the biggest reason why I found employment coming straight from Graduation.  With around 6 months to go until I graduated I couldn’t see any obvious path to employment, so I visited the team one afternoon. The careers team not only made me aware of the Grad Scheme within Moy Park by inviting me along to hear a rep for Moy Park talk one lunch time but they were also pivotal in my application and in my preparation for the interview process.  

Advice for current QUB students

If you are like me, 6 months to a year from Graduation and not really sure of where you want to go, or you know where you want to go but unsure of how to get there, go speak to somebody who knows. The Careers Services are there to help you, free of charge, make the most of it. 

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