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Amber Nelson
MEng Mechanical Engineering
Placement Year with Mercedes

What have you done in addition to your degree to enhance your employability and what do you feel you’ve gained from this? 

I joined the QUB Netball club. This helped me to work under pressure as we competed in the Irish Netball inter-varsities at the end of February.

I have also been in part time employment for a number of years and this has helped improve my team working skills and has given me the opportunity to experience basic recruitment processes first hand as well as giving me the chance to get some real working experience.

Making use of Careers, Employability and Skills at Queen’s

I booked a Career guidance appointment for a CV check with Lynsey Holland and during this appointment we were able to fix minor mistakes I had overlooked in my CV and check the layout was the best layout to submit. She also took the time to look over my cover letter and after the appointment I was able to forward Lynsey updated copies of my CV for her to check over before submission.

When I was invited to an assessment day I contacted both Lynsey and Tamsin Turner for advice. Tamsin was able to put me in touch with a past student that had successfully completed an assessment day with that company and the student was very helpful with advice on how to dress and what the basic layout of the day would be.

I was successful at the assessment day with Mercedes and am due to begin a placement year with them.

Any advice for other Queen's students?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the careers advisors or from friends. Getting somebody to proof read your final draft is vital as they will spot the silly mistakes that you haven’t noticed. Sometimes a little advice on something as simple as how to dress for the assessment day will help as it will take another worry off your mind and let you focus on the more important things.

Amber Nelson Story

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