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Caroline McEvoy
MA Broadcast Literacy
Marketing Intern, HBO (New York)

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Where are you now?

Today I am working as an intern for HBO within their Consumer Marketing department in New York City. I am part of the team responsible for product development and the marketing of HBO’s Online Shop. My day-to-day activities include reviewing the latest HBO products, analysing the impact of HBO’s e-Marketing campaigns on consumers and attending the occasional HBO premiere!

How did you get there?

I was able to secure this internship through the US-NI Mentorship Program, a program which is designed to help Northern Irish young professionals and recent graduates secure internships in the United States.

I found out about the US-NI Mentorship Program through QUB Careers where I attended a presentation made by a former US-NI Mentorship participant which helped me to make my application successful.

While at Queen’s I worked part-time as a Student Assistant in the Student Guidance Centre and through this position I was able to build my communication and teamwork skills.  As part of this role I managed the social media presence of QUB Careers on Twitter and Facebook, and I know my skills in this capacity will be of value to future employers. 

I also wrote several articles for QR, Queen’s own student-run radio station, and took part in Broadcast Day, a day during which a group of students and BBCNI worked in correlation to produce a radio package.  All of these things combined really helped to enhance my skillset, and I have every confidence that I will be able to utilise this experience to my advantage in years to come.

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Making use of Careers, Employability and Skills at Queen’s

I have had several Careers guidance appointments and I have found these to be highly useful in terms of my career development.  As well as being offered excellent advice on how to enhance my CV, I have also received wonderful personal guidance with regard to myself and my own career prospects. 

In addition, I took part in an Assessment Centre workshop in my second semester which really helped me to prepare for an upcoming interview.  Overall, I thoroughly recommend students to take advantage of the Careers services here at QUB because in my experience, they are first-class.

Any advice for other Queen's students?

QUB is a great place, but the experience is all about what you make of it. If you take advantage of the opportunities that come from the societies as well as the Careers services here, there’s no limit to your possibility.

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