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Kerri McCrea

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My Story
Kerri McCrea

BSc in Zoology

Co-founder and Manager of Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

Where are you now?

I have founded my own elephant Foundation in Northern Thailand, known as Kindred Spirit Elephant Foundation and Sanctuary. My day-to-day activities mostly involves taking guests and volunteers out on hikes through the jungle to study the elephant’s natural behaviour, helping teach English at the local school and general running of the project such as marketing, admin, organising community activities and teaching guests the local language. We hope to get our research published, as the Asian elephant is very understudied and use it to help improve elephant welfare standards throughout South East Asia.

How did you get there?

Studying zoology at QUB was a huge part of how I ended up where I am, it helped me gain the background in animal research, anatomy and welfare that I needed to find a job in a conservation field. Whilst I was studying, I also volunteered abroad on conservation projects which helped me put the theory I had learned into action and helped me gain confidence in my work.

Making use of Careers, Employability and Skills at Queen’s

Qualified for Degree Plus

Advice for current Queen’s students

Find the right balance between your studies and personal life and get out there volunteering in your freetime! Employers always look for experience just as much as they look for your qualifications and don’t think any dream is too big to achieve!

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