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Dr Phil Turner
Friends of Cancer Centre Funded Clinical Fellow

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I am a doctor and am currently undertaking a PhD as a clinical fellow, funded by the Friends of The Cancer Centre. Prior to this I was a clinical oncology specialist registrar in the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre, specialising in the management of cancer by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In March 2015 I participated in the Army Leadership programme.  The programme provides an excellent opportunity for testing one’s own leadership style and ability within an enjoyable and well supported framework. Specifically it involves a series of both intellectual and physical challenges spread across the day. Teamwork is emphasised in each of these. I came away from the programme with greater confidence in areas of my own leadership style which are working well and with a range of clear areas to focus on in future development. Overall a productive and enjoyable learning experience.

A range of training opportunities in transferable skills is available outside of the core research programme. Careful selection of opportunities relevant to one’s own personal development goals can provide CV-enhancing training.

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