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Steven Mulvenna

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My Story
Steven Mulvenna

MEng Mechanical Engineering
IAESTE Graduate Internship at Wolf Robotics, Colorado

What have you done in addition to your degree to enhance your employability and what do you feel you've gained from this?

Prior to starting at Queens University Belfast, I completed 4 A-Levels and worked part time as a Warehouse Operative, gaining communication and professionalism skills.

In addition to my degree I operated as a Sentinus Engineering Ambassador developing management/leadership, teamwork and engineering skills.

I completed a 1 year placement at one of the world’s top oil and gas giants, Schlumberger. During this time, I was able to build key contacts and engage with clients while applying my engineering knowledge.  

What roles and experiences did IAESTE allow you to explore/develop?

Working with IAESTE I I was successful in obtaining a highly competitive Graduate Internship, at Wolf Robotics; a heavy robotics integrations company in the United States of American, Colorado. Prior to leaving, IAESTE provided excellent services for helping me attain all legal and technical documentation necessary to enter the United States. Additionally IAESTE maintained outstanding support while I was away.

At Wolf Robotics I operated firstly as an ‘Assembly Technician’, reading electrical prints, engineering drawings and pneumatic prints to gain a wealth of knowledge surrounding the operation and performance of sensors, electric/hydraulic motors, pressurised gas/water lines, robot control software, gearboxes and drivetrains, to construct complete robotic systems.

Having proven my ambition, enthusiasm, teamwork skills and technical abilities I moved into the role of an ‘Applications Engineer’. Here I supported a global cross-functional team; coordinating technical reviews both internally and externally, concepting robotic solutions and generating financial system proposals. Working alongside project managers I developed many systems for customers such as, General Electric, Hyperloop, Caterpillar, John Deere and Titan.

Since returning from my IAESTE experience there is now great potential to continued working with the company within the UK and Europe.  

Advice for current Queen's students

There is a world of opportunities out there and it is important to note that your first career choice may not be your last. It is also key to understand that cultural experiences can vastly aid your professional development as well as your interpersonal development. Travelling and working in new ways allows for a better understanding of not only the world but your own capabilities. 

Interested in improving your employability?

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