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Introduction to using the Queen’s University Belfast Careers Employability and Skills Service

As an International student studying at Queens, the Careers Service can help you with issues related to employability and choice of career path and you are welcome to make use of all our facilities while you are here.

However, understanding how the careers service works, and the limits of the help we provide will enable you to make the most of what we can offer. Your home country may have career or job placement services in their universities but they will probably differ significantly from a Northern Ireland university careers service.


malaysian students induction


What we CAN provide

A high quality careers education, information, advice and guidance service which will include access to:-

1. Confidential and impartial careers and educational guidance from professionally qualified staff.

2. Careers-related information resources including up to date publications and a comprehensive website.

3. Access to the online career management tool MyFuture, which provides details of vacancies for permanent and temporary jobs and internships, information resources and upcoming events and workshops.   

4. Opportunities to identify and develop employability skills.

5. Opportunities to meet with student and graduate recruiters through a comprehensive programme of careers events including Careers Management and Employability Programmes.



What we CANNOT provide

1. We do not have full employment market information on every country in the world.  We provide, through MyFuture, access to Goinglobal - country-specific career and employment information, including world-wide internship and job postings.

2. We do not issue a list of employers who will accept applications from International students and graduates but we do provide information on possible ways of identifying and approaching such employers.

3. We aim to help all students with application techniques but we cannot correct your spelling and grammar.   A list of English language support services can be found through the Embrace NI website.

4. We provide general information on visas but we are not authorised to give advice on students’ individual circumstances. More information about visas can be found at the Queens International Student Support Website.   The UKCISA website is also a useful resource, written especially for international students.