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Where do I start?

Advice for each stage of your career management

Book a Career Consultation for support with any part of this process.

Getting Started ↓

I'm not ready to start thinking about career management 
It's important to focus on your studies but the application processes for graduate schemes and taught postgraduate study start to open in the September/October of your final year. Many employers hire graduates that they already know through placements or internships, so it pays to start career planning sooner.
It's a competitive job market and if you want to make strong applications it is recommended that you follow the steps below to plan ahead and compete effectively. How long this takes will depend on you and your starting point but the earlier you start the easier it will be. 

I may be on the wrong course 
You're not alone. Many students have doubts about their subject choice at various times througout their time at University. It's important to be proactive in handling these doubts. Don't just give up and stop attending! Targetjobs have some useful advice to help you understand the root of the issue and what to do next. Book an appointment with a Careers Consultant to discuss career options related to different subject areas and speak to your Personal Tutor (if applicable) or Adviser of Studies if you are considering changing to a different course.

I've no idea what to do or where to start 
A good first step is to research career options:
- Read 10 tips for exploring your career options
- Looking for something related to your subject or a specific industry sector? - read Career Options and Information by School and Sector

To turn this into a shortlist of career options, it's important to consider what's important to you in a career e.g. your motivations, the skills you enjoy using and where in the world you want to live.

Gain further insight into different roles and companies by:
- Attending employer events (MyFuture)
- Participating in a Career Development Programme
- Gaining relevant experience - Jobs, Events and Fairs
- Participating in the Alumni Mentoring Programme

Planning ↓

How do I stand out from the crowd?
- Follow our 8 steps to improve your employability which include:
    - Get some international experience - read our Study / Work Abroad pages
    - Get some work/volunteering experience - see Jobs, Events and Fairs
    - Participate in one of Queen's Career Development Programmes
    - Gain accreditation for engaging in employability-enhancing activities through DegreePlus

I want to start my own business
QUBSU provides support to Queen's entrepreneurial  students and recent graduates 
- Opportunities for developing entrepreneurial skills can be found on the DegreePlus website (including Belfast Enterprise AcademyInnovateHer and Insight into Management)

I have specific needs to take into account when planning my career
- Information for international students
- Information for students with disabilities

Competing ↓

I'm ready to apply 
- advice on CVs, interviews, psychometric tests etc

I want to meet employers / build my professional network 
- see our 8 tips for creating a professional online presence and developing your network online
- come along to one of our employer events - listed in MyFuture
- participate in our Alumni Mentoring programme