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Past Queen's University Careers events 2020-2021

We had some great event topics in the Careers team in 2020-2021, watch the Webinars below to catch up on any you may have missed.

GradFest 2021 Recordings

Some of our Instagram Live recordings from GradFest 2021 are now available. 

Catch up with these recordings on our GradFest 2021 live streams web page.

Catch up on recent GradFest 2021 Live Streams

NI Civil Service Placement 2021 Webinar 2021

In June 2021 we held a webinar with regard to introducing students to NICS placements where senior recruitment managers from the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) were joined by a former placement student to introduce the placements, talk about the recruitment process and give an overview of the various NICS departments.

Catch up on this recorded webinar

Development Weeks 2021 Recordings

Some of our Careers events recordings from Development Weeks 2021 are now available. 

Catch up with these recordings on our Development Weeks 2021 website.

Catch up on some recordings from Development Weeks 2021

Careers in Law Insight Programme 2021 Recordings

The six recorded sessions form the Careers in Law Insights Programme 2021 are now available to watch.

Catch up on these recordings on the CLIP web page

Introduction to Degree Plus

Discover how you can gain accreditation for your extracurricular activities through our employability award. From volunteering to academic clubs, what you do outside the lecture theatre can make you more employable. Watch our Introduction to Degree Plus webinar.

Pathways to possibilities during a pandemic

Catch up on our 'Pathways to possibilities during a pandemic' event from Queen's Careers Employability and Skills and the Development and Alumni Relations Office. This event was hosted by Deirdre Lynskey of Queen's Careers, Employability and Skills. Deirdre is joined in this discussion by an expert panel made up of representatives from Energia Group, MCS Group, Queen's University Staff Engagement, and a former Queen's University graduate who now works in the NHS.

Development Weeks 2021 - Making Connections

Want to know what Development Weeks 2021 is all about?

Deirdre and Roisin from the Development Weeks team recently met with your student reps to give them the lowdown on:

- Hosting your own online event

- Earning Degree Plus as an event host

- Where and how to join live events

Watch the video and discover everything you need to know about Development Weeks 2021.

Visit the Development Weeks 2021 website

Change and Adaptability

This short session will help you understand the process of change, give you some ideas for dealing with change and help you to see change as a positive step.

In a year when we have all learned to adapt and deal with change, this session will help you to evidence those times when you have not only coped with change but found ways to adapt and thrive.

Impressing at Meetings

Starting a new job might also be your first experience of formal meetings.

If you work as part of a team or you work in a large company, you will at some time find yourself taking part in meetings. All companies will have their own style of meetings some formal and some very informal.

This short session will give you an idea of what might be expected from you and what is best practice at meetings. If you are not someone who likes to speak up at meetings, it will also give you some tips on making that easier.

Talking about Global Leadership

This session will give you an overview of what it means to be a Global Citizen.

It will also help you relate activities/experiences that you may have had so that you can talk about them at interview.

We will use the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals to inform our session. (This is an overview of the subject and not for those who already have a substantial knowledge.)

Rian Immigrant Center- USA Placements & J1 Visa Sponsors

Are you interested in spending a year working in the USA?

This information session will provide an overview of the 2 programmes that the Rian Immigrant Center offer to UG and Graduating Queen's students, including the eligibility criteria and application process.

The Rian Immigrant Center assists immigrants from Ireland and from around the world as they integrate into American society, and with partner organizations, promotes reconciliation in Ireland.

Our J1 Irish Work and Travel visa program is very successful as we have helped over 1,000 students and graduates come to America to live and work for a year in their area of study.

How Degree Plus Helped Me After Graduation

Watch this short webinar with Diane Masson, Careers Consultant at Queen's University, who will outline what Degree Plus is and its many benefits. Diane is also joined by recent Queen's University graduate Megan, who will share how she has benefited from gaining Degree Plus.

Discover the Real-World Value of Work Experience

Check out this short webinar looking at various types of work experience and how best to maximize your opportunities during your time at Queen's. This webinar is presented by Diane Masson, Careers Consultant at Queen's University. Joining Diane is final year student Ryan, who has participated in a range of activities during his time at Queen's, and he explains how he benefitted from those experiences.

Leveraging the Power of an Internship or Placement in Association

Queen’s alumni Rachael Toland and Kerry Bennett discuss how they turned work experience opportunities into careers. In Kerry’s case, she landed a graduate job on the back of a three-day internship at PwC, while Rachael reveals that the most important thing any intern or placement student can do is ask questions.

Creative Industries Panel

From arts & culture, music, publishing and film industries, you'll need a portfolio. Join our panellists including ALT Animation, Hypixel Studios, film production company Retinize and writer and director Rebekah Davis, and find out what skills and work experience are needed to build your body of evidence successfully to move into the sector.

Kickstart Your Career in Music

Music Industry Q&A with Careers Consultant Emma Lennox. Want a career in music? Re-watch the first in our brand new Industry Uncovered series focusing on Music Industry Uncovered.

Language Centre & Global Opportunities - Cultural Awareness

Join us for an online Cultural Awareness session delivered by Queen's Language Centre in collaboration with Queen's Global Opportunities Team.

This session will seek to provide you with opportunities to consider culture as a concept as well as some of the key areas in which culture can impact on our everyday lives and our interactions with others. We will consider the concept of bias and human approaches to cultural difference, as well as potential approaches for improving our abilities to communicate across linguistic and cultural barriers. Finally, we will consider how we can continue to develop our cultural awareness further, beyond this session, with a focus on empathy, objectivity and curiosity.

Careers Beyond Profit: Conservation, Heritage and Museums

Are you seeking a career in environmental conservation, heritage organisations, archives, museums and galleries?

Join panellists from NI Museums and the National Trust for this Employer Panel who will speak with you about the skills and work experience needed to move into the sector.

Global Opportunities: Focus On Summer

During this online information session hear about our international summer programmes.

These include programmes IAESTE work placements, summer camps in the USA/ Canada, the US NI Mentorship Program and the Irish International Immigrant Centre.

Employer Panel: Careers Beyond Profit Public and Not For Profit

Are you seeking a career in the public, charity and NGO sectors?

Join panellists from the Probation Board and Community Foundation who will speak with you about the skills and work experience needed to move into the sector and discuss their own path to success

Employer Panel: Seeking an international career

Are you seeking an international career?

Join our panellists in this webinar who will share with you their international career paths, their road to success and valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Erasmus Study Exchange 21/22 Information Session

Fancy spending part of your degree studying in another European country?

The Erasmus Programme enables you to spend from 3 to 12 months studying at another European institution, as a recognised part of your degree.

Did you know that students undertaking an Erasmus study placement can receive up to 540 Euros per month whilst at their exchange university!

Also, students who go abroad for a full year and who normally pay NI/GB/EU tuition fees wouldn't pay any fees during their Erasmus study placement. Check out this webinar to find out more.

USA Summer Camps Information Session

Are you interested in spending the summer in the USA?

Representatives from USA Summer Camps will present details on this opportunity and information relating to the application process. The best summer of your life is waiting for you in America!

USA Summer Camp has helped send over 40,000 people to work at camp in America. We work with over 700 Summer Camps in the US looking for enthusiastic, fun and dedicated people just like you.

Working at a Summer Camp in America means you’ll be paid to have fun, make a difference, all whilst expanding your CV and making memories you’ll never forget. Is there really a better summer job out there?

Employability Skills - Working with Customers and Clients

This may not be something that you have thought of when considering your interview skills, but all organisations have customers, and all organisations can only thrive if they meet their customers ever changing needs.

So, whether you are considering a job as a software developer, a nurse, an engineer, a human resources manager or a linguist you will have customers. This session will give you an overview of what is required and how to answer those tricky interview questions.

Canadian & Australian Study Exchange Progammes Info Session

Watch this online information session to hear about the opportunity to spend a semester or year studying at one of QUB’s partner universities in Canada or Australia. At this session you will hear from students who have completed an exchange programme.

Employability Skills - Using your Character Strengths

This session is about the character strengths that make you the individual that you are.

In recent years’, the positive psychology movement has shown that working with our character strengths can help us to do better work and be more confident, more satisfied and have increased wellbeing.

Watch the session to find out what your character strengths are and how to make the most of them. Complete a free online assessment before the session at the link below and download a free report. There is no need to purchase a report.

Free character strength survey

Employability Skills - Thinking Creatively

Thinking Creatively” is about how we are all creative, but we can use tools and techniques to increase our creativity. Using creative thinking will help you to solve problems and meet challenges. Watch this webinar and find out how to flex those creative muscles.

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