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Past GradIreland Events

Past GradIreland Events

Missed the GradIreland Careers Fair?

If you missed the recent GradIreland Careers Fair, you can catch up on all the inspiring and informative sessions below. The programme of captivating and inspiring seminars and talks covered a wide range of topics including CV and cover letter tips, virtual interview tips, skills and sector information.

Creating a winning CV

Your CV needs to be well presented, and it needs to catch the eye. It also needs to tell a story and why you are the right person for the job.

There are different ways of formatting and presenting CVs to best present you as a candidate. Check out this seminar and found out how.

Setting goals and dealing with setbacks

Motivational speaker John Slattery and the founder of Inspo and Rise Wellness Programme, talks about how you can set goals that challenge you but that you can also reach.

When it comes to career planning, ambition is important, but so is resilience, planning, and taking stock of where you are and where you want to be.

Learn about how you can identify goals that will work for you and your future career and deal with any setbacks along the way.

Looking for purpose: Careers in the Not-for-Profit sector

This seminar explains the For Purpose Programme, a graduate programme in the Not-for-profit sector.

Emily and Emma speak about their experiences in this sector, explaining the skills needed and overall advice for students and graduates wanting to enter the sector.

Leave a lasting impression with your CV

A recruiter reviews your CV in seconds. To catch their eye, it needs to be properly formatted and well presented.

This seminar covers the main sections to include, general guidelines and cover letter hints and tips to make your CV stand out and make a lasting impression with recruiters

Know your value qualifications, postgraduate study, and career

In this seminar, Angela Lambkin from Qualifax, the national further learning database, talks about how qualifications work, what their value is, and how you can measure the worth of pursuing particular qualifications.

Angela looks at the framework of qualifications and explains where you can get answers to any questions that you might have. Angela also explains the value of postgrad study and looks at some of the key questions and considerations you should have before embarking on further study.

How to ace your interview; tips and tricks

In this session, find out what you can do ahead of, and during the interview to provide you with the best chance of landing the job.

We will discuss the best tips for preparing and succeeding in both personal and virtual interviews. With the vast majority of interviews now taking place online, learn how to leave a good impression from behind a screen!

Career planning and focusing on the future

Learn how to get on the correct career path for you.

This seminar will look to the future and give some insights, hints, and tips into developing and navigating your own career path.

Get introduced to career planning concepts that will equip you with relevant resources and strategies to manage your career development.

A future of possibilities: Careers with General Motors

In this seminar transport and technology giant GM talk about graduate careers and opportunities at one of the world's largest companies.

In this session, you will learn about the scope of careers on offer with GM, including some that may surprise you.

With sustainability and the future of transport at the core of GM's operations, this seminar will also provide plenty of information on what sort of graduates the company is looking for and what you can do to help make your application stand out.

Interview hints & tips - virtual & in person

Presenters from: National College of Ireland
In this session, we will be discussing the top tips for preparing and acing in-person and virtual interviews. Watch this session and let us help you understand the four areas of preparation for an interview, three tips for presenting yourself, and two critical considerations to keep in mind when going into in-person and virtual interviews.

Activities during COVID 19 to boost your CV

Presenters from: TU Dublin & Hartley People
During the pandemic, many of us find ourselves in periods self-isolation and frequent social distancing. But you can use this difficult time to your benefit. Come along to this session and learn from our career’s advisors and coaches on how you use this time to enrich your CV with relevant and valuable skills and experience.

An Introduction to Specialisterne

Presenters from: Specialisterne panel
This session will provide an overview of Specialisterne Ireland and the services we offer graduates on the Autism Spectrum and those with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and ADHD to support them to develop interview skills and move closer to employment opportunities. We will also speak about our partnerships with neurodiverse friendly companies, the neurodiverse friendly recruitment process and provide an overview of reasonable accommodations that candidates receive within these companies.

CV tips - how to create a CV that stands out from the crowd

Presenters from: Waterford IT
When a recruiter receives your CV, it needs to be well presented and it needs to catch his or her eye. It also needs to tell a story and why you are the right person for the job. There are different ways of formatting and presenting CVs in order to best present you as a candidate.

Facing personal setbacks and building resilience

Presenters from: Inspo
In this session, we give a perspective that will shape setbacks as invaluable learning opportunities. Watch this session and let us help you understand your own resilience so that you can draw on it every day to manage and emerge stronger from challenging situations and periods like we face right now.

Secrets of a standout graduate during COVID19

Presenters from: ESB & Deloitte
Gain some insights into what both employers and careers advisors consider to be the skills of a successful graduate during the challenging times of COVID-19. Get tips on the current trends and what extra-curricular activities can give your CV an edge.

The importance of employability skills

Presenters from: Colgate Palmolive, PwC & Kingspan
Our panel will share with you their hints and tips on how to highlight your employability skills on the job and in interview. It is always important to show the recruiter what you are capable of based on evidence, and we'll also discuss how you can keep your skills current and relevant so you can highlight them to potential employers.

A Career in the Not-for-Profit Sector

Presenters from: For Purpose panel
Adrian McCarthy, manager for the not-for-profit graduate programme talks about what a career in the not-for-profit sector looks like and why the For Purpose graduate programme might be right for you.

Managing your career during times of uncertainty

Presenters from: Bord Bia & Pfizer
How will the current economic crisis impact your employment opportunities and, what can you do to manage your career under the current career climate? Watch this session to hear from professionals from across different industries on the challenges and how you can use this time as an opportunity to grow and develop.

Turning adversity into advantage

Presenters from: Jameson - Irish Distillers & KPMG
While the future might seem uncertain for graduates, there are unique ways to turn challenging times into a positive. This panel discussion will highlight the proactive and creative ways in which you can thrive – whether that is transferring your skills to another industry or understanding what new job opportunities are out there and could potentially be a fit for you.

A career in engineering

Presenters from: Workday & PM Group
Hear from our panelists about what a career in engineering is really like. Our panel will cover the different career opportunities and roles in the industry. See where your career in engineering can take you.

Digital Portfolios - Showcasing your very best work

Presenters from: IADT, Cartoon Saloon & Firewood
If you are interested in attracting key employers, it is all about being as creative as you can and seeing this medium as your first point of contact. The panel discusses the importance of a well-executed and impactful online portfolio to showcase your very best work and provides top tips for effectively communicating your talent visually.

Technical Interviews

Presenters from: Guidewire
This session will go through what a candidate can expect during a typical technical white boarding session as part of an interview. We will cover how to best prepare for this, the kind of technical questions that might be asked as well as what the interviewer is looking for when they ask certain questions. The goal is to provide students with advice and guidance so they can be prepared for this during an interview and showcase their technical ability as best as they can.

Transferable skills - your best strategy to career path success

Presenters from: National College of Ireland
The session focuses on defining transferable skills, the importance of transferable skills in the changing job market, ways to learn and develop the skills, and how to showcase your transferable skills.