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Employers: Prepare for the Autumn Careers Fair 2022

Our Autumn Careers Fair will take place as a hybrid event offering the opportunity to connect with talented students and graduates online, via the Graduateland platform, with the option of attending an in-person at a live event on our campus.

In the sections below you will find online tools and resources to help you navigate this platform, make the most of your virtual stall and prepare for this Fair. All exhibitors will be sent full instructions on how to get the most from the Fair in August 2022.  

1. Get registered!

When: Now!

Register for this event via MyFuture you can find the Registration Form under the "Attend Events" heading. If you haven't used MyFuture you will need to set up an Account before you can register for the event.

female employer standing smiling at camera
2. Get your virtual stall ready!

When: September 2022

Once you have received your online access link, it's time to set up your online stall. Learn what to expect and how to prepare for a hybrid fair by clicking the link below.

Watch: Prepare for a hybrid fair

3. Make the most of your stall

When: October 2022

Our event lobby will open to students approximately 10 days before the fair, so make sure your stall is ready! 

Read: Getting your company stall ready 

Watch: Adding and editing content

Read: Virtual Careers Fairs Guide

Content and Artwork Specification Quick Guide:

  • Introduction: Short overview of the company (750 character maximum). 
  • Description: More scope to provide details of your organisation (10000 characters).
  • Company Logo: White or transparent background recommended, png.-format, no tagline, larger than 400x400 pixels and square shaped.
  • Cover Image:  Recommended 1920 x 1080 px or larger. Max 5Mb.
  • Welcome Image: Recommended size: 480 x 375 px or larger. Max 5Mb.
  • Introduction Media: Either use an image (recommended size: 985 x 560 px or larger. Max 5Mb.) or a video (Public YouTube or Vimeo videos only).
  • Media Reel (Images): Recommended size: 1920 x 1080 px or larger. Max 5Mb. (Multiple images permitted)
  • Media Reel (Videos): Public YouTube or Vimeo videos only. (Multiple Videos Permitted)
  • Document uploads: Max 5Mb per document.

There is a very large scope on this platform for you to showcase your organisation, the minimum recommendation is: company logo introduction and/or description and welcome and/or introduction media.

4. Get your jobs noticed and attract the best candidates

When: October 2022

All jobs should be advertised as usual on MyFuture, our free vacancy service, however, you will also need to add your current jobs to your virtual stall.

The information you complete for each role will make it easier for students to search and filter, and chat to you on the day about the most relevant opportunities.

You can assign a specialist team members to chat to students about specific roles at the event.

Read: Adding and Managing Jobs at your stall

5. Get your event teams ready

When: September/October 2022

If you are exhibiting in-person, you'll need two teams: one on the ground and one to man your virtual stall.  Add team members prior to the event and ensure that they are comfortable with the platform.  You may want to continue in-person conversations online after the fair, so make sure all members are on the virtual platform - this also helps students make the connection between your team on campus and your virtual stall. When you add a new member they will get an email notification and their profile will be linked to your organisation’s account. 

They will need to use the “forgot password” function on the log in page to select a password for them to use with their account. You should ask them to add their profile pictures to help personalise the experience.

Plan how you and your team will manage incoming chats and reach out to students on the day. 

Read: Adding Team Members to your stall

Watch: Managing incoming chats at the event.

6. Make the most of the "1:1 Conversations" pre-booking tool

When: From September 2022

You can add "1:1 Convervations" slots to your virtual stall for each member of your event team. The event lobby will open for students approximately 10 days before the event and students can pre-book a slot.  You will be able to review the requests and select the most appropriate candidates.

You will need to accept the slot and may need to select from a number of students. 

For those who don’t secure an "1:1 Conversations" slot, it is worth asking your team to reach out to them via the live chat during the event, or, if applicable, ask them to visit your stall in person. 

Read: Setting up and managing 1:1 conversations

Watch: Add 1:1 Conversation Slots to your stall

7. Live Event: Make the most of your interactions at the event

18 October 2022

Be as proactive as possible on the day and make use of the digital tools at your disposal: search and filter candidates who match your requirements and reach out to them to chat.

Don’t forget you can easily elevate the live chat to a video call through the platform, or, if applicable, ask them to visit your stall in person.

Read: Sourcing and reaching out to candidates at the event

Watch: Reaching out to students at the event

8. How our students are preparing

We are working hard to ensure that our students are preparing for the Fair and completing their profiles. 

As well as those who will be keen to secure a position with you, you may also get interest from students that aren’t at the stage of applying for job opportunities but are keen to learn more about your company.  These conversations are equally as valuable for both parties.

9. Help and Support

If you require additional help and support with registration and general queries, please contact Elaine McMahon, Events Co-ordinator at

For queries relating to the Graduateland Careers Fairs Platform, you will find a chat icon at the bottom right-hand-side of the log-in page and profile pages of Graduateland, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further help. Please note, you will need a bespoke URL issued from the Queen's Careers Fair team to access the Graduateland Fair platform. This will be issued to exhibitors after they have registered via MyFuture.

During the live event, you can also use the chat function for technical difficulties, but please make us aware of any issues you are having via so we can try and expedite these. Our Employer Engagement Team will be on hand on the day to help and may visit you at your stall.

For general recruitment needs not related to this event, please visit our Information for Employers.