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Body language tips for interviews

Body language tips for interviews

  1. Eye contact
    Make eye contact for a few seconds at a time with each member of the interviewing panel, and come back most frequently to the person who directed the question to you.  If eye contact is difficult for you, looking at noses or eyebrows is a good substitute.
  2. Posture
    Stand/sit-up straight.  Rest your hands in your lap and try not to cross your legs.

  3. Fidgeting
    It is perfectly natural to move a little, and to use hand gestures. Sitting perfectly still, or sitting on your hands can leave a robot-like impression. Try to avoid excessive fidgeting especially jiggling your legs up and down, jangling keys or playing with a pen.

  4. Smile
    Especially when you walk into the room, but also when you are listening to questions.

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