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VMock CV Checker

Have your CV reviewed and receive feedback within 15 seconds using VMock CV Checker

Logging On

  • Sign in directly to Queen's Vmock CV Checker or via MyFuture>MyFuture Quicklinks>VMock CV Checker.  Use you normal Queen's credentials to access our University (select the "PrePlacement" benchmark)
  • Click on Upload CV and select a PDF version of the CV you wish the CV Checker to provide formative feedback on
  • Once uploaded, the CV review process is initiated and you will see the formative feedback coming through after a few seconds (when you have considered the feedback and updated your CV it may also be beneficial to ask a Placement Officer or Careers Consultant to make a final review before sending out to employers).

Please note the CV Checker is not suitable for academic CVs and is currently set to review CV’s and pre- placement CVs. It is also not designed to formally score or assess a CV as part of a course/module assessment.

Understanding CV Checker Feedback

The CV checker reviews your CV against a series of statements and formatting expectations.  It provides feedback in terms of 3 key areas:


Green, Amber, Red and Numerical Scores 

The green, amber and red score zones provides the key feedback to consider.




Further work needed.  You need to spend some more time on all 3 areas within your CV. Read through the targeted feedback for each of the 3 areas. Make amendments to improve your score and upload once again

You are on track to presenting your skills and experiences to good/best effect.  If your score is in the high amber zone (70+), you have done a good job in presenting your CV.   

Note this is an automated system, so you should still exercise good judgement in deciding what to accept and what to consult on with Careers/Placement staff.  E.g. in presentation feedback, some words that are highlighted as "avoided words" may, in fact, be appropriate.  E.g. Where project/dissertation results differ significantly from the null hypothesis or excellent customer service was provided.  These words may be highlighted by the software but are appropriate in these specific contexts. 

Great job.  Your CV is meeting the main expectations in terms of presentation, how you are showcasing impact and your personal capabilities/competence. 
If you are still in the red zone, book an appointment to see a Careers Consultant or Placement Officer to help you get on track (and bring the feedback with you)  You may still need to make some further/final refinements to really showcase your skills and experiences to best effect.   You may wish to ask a Careers Consultant or Placement officer to give you final feedback before sending on to an employer.  


 Watch this video to help you get started