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Room for Skype and Video Interviews

Book a room at the SGC for Skype or Video Interviews

A room in the Student Guidance Centre is available for current students to book for the purpose of undertaking skype or video interviews.
The room can also be used to practise video interviews using the pre-recorded interviews available in MyFuture e.g. 001 Practice Video Interview (General Questions). We recommend you re-watch your videos using the associated feedback to help you to effectively review your performance. 

The PC in the room has speakers, a webcam with microphone and is installed with Skype.
If you have a video interview scheduled with an employer make sure that you will not need to download software as you will not have permissions to install software on the PC in this room.

We are carefully monitoring the use of this facility and we require that you agree to the following:

  • Cancelling or rescheduling your timeslot if you cannot make it. This will free the room for other students to use.
  • Keeping to your timeslot.
  • Leaving the room clean and tidy.
  • Logging out of the PC when you are finished.

Book your 1 hour time slot. You will receive an email notification with the date, time and location. The email will explain how to cancel or reschedule your booking.

The SGC is open 9-5 on weekdays. It is not possible to use the room outside of these hours.