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Some questions to ask at interview

Some questions to ask at interview

The most commonly asked question at the end of any interview is “Do you have any questions to ask us?”  This is a useful opportunity to leave a good final impression, to demonstrate you’ve thoroughly prepared and to genuinely find out whether you want this job.

Some questions directly related to the role or organisation may occur to you naturally, but here are a few that you can keep ready for any interview.

  1. What are the immediate priorities of this job?
    If this hasn’t already been answered in the interview pre-amble, or the job description, the question can demonstrate that you are keen to get started in the job and meet key priorities as soon as possible. The answer should give you an indication on how well the job role has been thought-through and how effective the hiring manager is at planning.

  2. How would you describe the work culture here?
    This demonstrates your awareness of the importance of work culture in job satisfaction and productivity, suggesting that you want to be as effective as possible. The answer should give you a good insight into expectations and enable you to assess if it’s the right fit for you.

  3. What do you see as the biggest challenges in the first few months of this role?
    This demonstrates that you are a proactive problem solver. In addition to giving you a heads-up as to issues you can expect, it gives you the opportunity to reveal experience you may have had in dealing with challenges like this in the past.

  4. What are the opportunities for training and career development?
    While this question isn’t useful when interviewing for a short-term internship, for a graduate/permanent job it can demonstrate that you are keen to learn, to advance and to stay with this organisation.  The answer should give you an insight into how committed the organisation is to staff development.