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Tips for video interviews

Skype and Video interviews

  1. Practise!!!
    Body language is perhaps the most challenging aspect of video interviewing.  It is common practice for video interviews to involve a set of pre-recorded questions for you to respond to meaning that you won’t receive the same feedback that you do in a face-to-face interview. Unless you’re an experienced vlogger, looking into a webcam and smiling to deliver a convincing performance of confidence, competence and enthusiasm is incredibly challenging. The best way to deal with this is through practising.

    The MyFuture module “Mock Interviews” enables you to practise video interviews using a bank of pre-recorded questions. We have set-up an interview with some common questions "001 Practice Video Interview (General Questions)".  You can re-watch your video to gauge your performance.  Use the associated feedback  to help you to effectively review your performance.
    These videos are automatically deleted from MyFuture after 90 days.
    Note for those using Apple products such as Ipads, you may need to use an alternate browser such as Puffin in order to use the Myfuture Mock Interview tool.

  2. Test your equipment
    The most common difficulty for employers in assessing video interviews is poor quality recordings due to slow internet connections or crackling microphones.

    Make sure that you test all of this equipment before recording an actual interview. If you get a practice question make sure that you watch it back. Using the mock interviews module in MyFuture will give you more opportunity to test your equipment and make sure that your recording will not hamper your interview performance.

  3. Find a quiet space / time
    Most organisations will give you a period of time in which you can choose when to record your interview rather than giving you a defined time slot. Make the most of this flexibility to find a quiet time and space e.g. doing your recording early in the morning before your flatmates wake up can be a good way to avoid being disturbed.

  4. The setting
    Set-up your space so that it works effectively for you i.e. no distracting posters in the background, the webcam at eye-level, a light source in front of you. This video gives some great tips on the set-up: How to look good in Skype Interviews – Tips & Training

    Current students can book a room in the Student Guidance Centre to take video and skype interviews

  5. Look smart
    Dress for a video interview in the same way that you would dress for a face-to-face interview.

    The types of questions that employers ask through video interviews tend to be the same as the ones they ask for face-to-face interviews, so make sure you follow the other tips for preparing for interviews.