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Work Shadowing

Work Shadowing Week

Organisations may host up to 10 students for one day of work shadowing. Work shadowing differs from internships and placements as it’s informal and unpaid and lasts for only one day. The purpose is to get an insight rather than to gain hands-on practical experience.

students at PwC office space during work shadowing week
Work Shadowing Week will take place from Monday 03 – Thursday 06 April 2023

Work Shadowing Week is open to all students but with a particular emphasis on student groups who are more likely to be under-represented in the graduate labour market.

Benefits to Employers: This is an opportunity to increase your brand profile on campus and to expose students to your company values. It offers graduate recruiters an early insight into student motivations and priorities when it comes to career planning and what they are looking for in a graduate role.

Benefits to students: Bringing a job to life and helping them to decide if a particular career is right for them, work shadowing gives students the opportunity to observe professionals in the workplace.

Some images from the previous Work Shadowing Week