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Careers Fairs

Find your dream job

The Graduate Recruitment and Placement Fair sponsored by EY is the largest fair in our academic year.

It takes place on 20 October between 2pm and 6pm.

The fair is being held virtually and is an opportunity for Queen’s students to meet employers in a virtual environment, talk to current employees and find out everything about how to secure that dream graduate role, placement or internship.

We’re confident you’ll find it fast and easy to navigate your way around the virtual stalls, live chat with attendees, stream company presentations and discover exciting opportunities.

3,281 signups
(*Previous virtual Queen's Careers Fairs)

19,321 log ins
(*Previous virtual Queen's Careers Fairs)

5,015 applications
(*Previous virtual Queen's Careers Fairs)

653 jobs posted
(*Previous virtual Queen's Careers Fairs)

Exhibitor registration is now open. Please check back for student registration.

What our students say about our virtual fair platform:

“It's absolutely great -I actually think I've got far more from this fair than any one I've been to before! It's great that the employers can see our profiles and reach out directly. That has been so helpful and encouraging.” - Queen’s student and 2020 Fair attendee  

“The chat function was a great way to engage with employers and allowed them to contact me first as well.” – Queen’s student and 2020 Fair attendee  

What our employer partners say about our virtual fair platform:

“It was very well organised and the explainer videos for setting up stalls and interaction techniques were brilliant. The platform was very efficient and user friendly. I think the ability to start conversations with students was great, rather than relying on them to come to us. Great event - thank you.” – Employer and 2020 Fair exhibitor

“Having attended multiple virtual fairs, this platform was probably my favourite - the ability to proactively find students and message them was excellent and really made a difference as we do find that a lot of students dismiss us as an option until they hear that we're more than teaching, and then they're interested, so it gave us that opportunity to give more context that we can't do in most platforms!” – Employer and 2020 Fair exhibitor.

More information for students

More information for employers

The Graduate Recruitment and Placement Fair is sponsored by EY.