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Careers Fairs

Welcome to the Work Experience and Placement Fair

The Work Experience and Placement Fair sponsored by PwC is one of the largest fairs in our academic year.

It takes place on 03 March between 2pm and 6pm.

The fair is preceded by a series of employer panels starting on 19 Feb, created to give you even more networking opportunities and industry insights.

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The theme for this year is #ExperienceMore which is exactly what we hope our students will do through the placement, voluntary and work experience opportunities on offer.

Whether you experience more adventure, growth, direction or confidence as a result of the connections and opportunities you discover on the day, we’re confident you’ll add more valuable experience to your CV. 

For employers and organisations, it presents an opportunity to attract top talent from one of the UK’s leading universities. 

With the event going virtual for 2021, we want to ensure that both students and exhibitors get the most out of the new event format. The following checklists will help you prepare for when our virtual doors open on 03 March. 

Don't forget to join in our employer panels from 19 Feb in advance of the fair, particularly if you are interested in the cultural and creative industries, the public and not-for-profit industries and international careers.


We look forward to seeing you then! 

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Exhibitors’ Checklist

Follow these four easy steps to attract top talent to your business. No branded pens. No queues. Just connections.

  • Step 1: Register for the event
    From 10 December 2020
    How: Access to event booking is via our dedicated Careers portal MyFuture, where you should continue to post relevant job ads. 
  • Step 2: Set up your virtual stall
    When: January 2020
    How: You can start setting up your virtual stall when the Graduateland platform opens in January 2021 after you have received confirmation of your registration on MyFuture. Download our Guide to setting up your Virtual Stall, watch our handy event tutorials and get top tips for making the most of this event in our Employer Resources webpages.
  • Step 3: Organise your team for the live event
    February 2021
    The live event will take place from 2-6pm on 24 February 2021. You can have multiple representatives at the event, make sure you add your team in advance and you can set up video conversations for students to pre-book.
  • Step 4: Prepare for the event lobby launch for students
    When: 1pm on Monday 1 March

    Students will be able to preview the event lobby from 17 February 2021. Make sure your stall is ready and keep an eye on your Inbox as we will be sending some useful tips and updates to help you prepare.
  • Step 5: Attract top talent
    When: 03 March 2021
    On the day, you will be able to filter attendees based on their profiles, invite them to live chat or video call and view stats both before and during the event.

View our Booking Terms and Conditions here.

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Access our Employer Resources here for tips and advice to help you prepare for the Fair.


Students’ Checklist

This is your chance to stand out to key employers and discover amazing work experience, internship and placement opportunities for every stage of study. The steps to success are simple:

  • Step 1: Register for the event
    January 2021 onwards
    How: You will see the event listed through the Graduateland platform, if you have an existing profile on this platform, simply book to attend the event.  If you are new to the platform complete the short registration form before booking for the event.  Please use your Queen’s University email address.
  • Step 2: Fill in/update your online profile
    January 2021
    How: Through the Graduateland platform, you can continue to update your online profile before and even during the event. Giving more detail will make it easier for the right employers to connect with you.
  • Step 3: Check out exhibitors
    When: 1pm on Monday 1 March
    How: On this date the event lobby will be live and you can view employer profiles, follow employers, browse and apply for jobs and request appointments for video conversations in advance.
  • Step 4: Refine your profile
    February 2021
    How: Add skills up to and even during the event. The indicator will tell you when your profile is green and close to 100% complete (you can opt to leave age and gender fields blank).  You can add skills based on what the employers are looking for.
  • Step 5: Find opportunities
    When: 03 March 2021
    How: At the event, you will be able to live chat or video call with employers and ask them about opportunities relevant to you, from summer internships to placements and graduate opportunities starting summer 2021.

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Access our Student Resources for tips and advice to help you prepare for the Fair.


 The Work Experience and Placement Fair is sponsored by PwC.