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Additional Resources

External Support

Disability Services works closely with a number of Queen's services and external bodies to provide appropriate support for students with disabilities.

Additional Resources


Should you require any specific arrangements to be made regarding your Accommodation as a result of your disability, it is essential that this is detailed on your application for Accommodation at Queen's. Disability Services do not notify Accomodation of any disability disclosures.

This will allow Accommodation to consider the needs of students with disabilities. Any disability related queries about Accommodation needs should be directed to A number of tailored rooms are available for students with mobility difficulties and requests for ground floor or en suite rooms can be facilitated. The University will endeavor to meet individual needs eg, designated fridges for students with insulin dependent diabetes and emergency alarm systems for hearing impaired students.


Contact Details:
QUB Student Accommodation
Elms BT9
78 Malone Road

Tel: 028 9097 4525
Website: Click Here

Careers, Employability and Skills
Within the resources available, Queen's Careers, Employability and Skills Service makes every effort to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities. Should you have difficulty accessing the building, please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

  • Guidance and Advice
    One-to-one interviews with Careers Advisers can be arranged either at Queen's Careers Service or an appropriate alternative location.
  • Information
    Staff are available to provide personal advice, physical access to, and retrieval of all the information resources. Where possible, efforts will be made to provide information in an alternative format, if required.
  • Events and career programmes
    Careers staff will consult with academic staff as appropriate to ensure students with disabilities can participate fully. Students with individual support requirements should recognise that they have a role in making staff aware of their requirements. 

Contact Details:
Careers, Employability and Skills
Student Guidance Centre
University Road

Tel: 028 9097 2727
Website: Click Here

Counselling Service
The student counselling service is freely available to students and staffed by qualified and experienced counsellors. Most students have problems at some time and many find it useful to share these with someone outside their own circle of acquaintances in order to find help and support.

Counselling sessions last for approximately fifty minutes. During the initial session the counsellor will discuss with you whether or not counselling can help and, should you decide to continue you will discuss with the counsellor how frequently you will meet.

Counselling offers you an opportunity to talk freely about your situation with someone who won't judge you or rush to offer advice. You will be encouraged to develop an understanding of what is happening, in order to begin planning for and working towards change. Counselling helps you to find ways of helping yourself, which are in keeping with your abilities, personality, values and lifestyle.

The Counselling Service is committed to offering a confidential service and the counsellors are very aware of your need to be sure that any information, which you disclose, will not be passed on without your permission. Although this is most usually the case, absolute confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. In exceptional circumstances, your counsellor may feel it is necessary to alert a third party, should there be grave concern that you are going to cause serious physical harm to yourself or somebody else, or have harm caused to you.

You can make an appointment by calling 0808 800 0016 (freephone from landlines and mobiles) or email

If you are unable to access the Counselling Service because of your disability please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

Access to Buildings and Facilities
The University is committed to the principle of universal access and will actively work towards providing reasonable access to all its buildings and facilities. While the age of some University buildings can restrict access, the University aims to provide a physical environment in which people with disabilities can use all buildings independently. If you have any problems with access to your School/Institute, please contact your School/Institute Disability Adviser or Disability Services.

University Schools are spread over many sites, generally within a one-mile radius. Although the main site is predominantly level, gradients do occur, particularly on adjacent roads and streets.

Access to academic facilities varies in range and consistency with libraries, sport and leisure facilities and the Students' Union being generally accessible. Recently constructed Halls of Residence at various locations have rooms of floors specifically designed for wheelchair users, and further adaptations for your particular requirements may be carried out as necessary.

Due to the limited access to some of our buildings, we strongly advise you to arrange a meeting with Disability Services prior to admission.

If you feel that you require a car parking space because of your disability, you are advised to contact Disability Services prior to admission.

Occupational Health Service
Disability Services works closely with the Occupational Health Service (OHS) in Lennoxvale to assess student's needs and to provide appropriate support for students with disabilities.

When required, advice can be given at many stages of a student's career. For example, on receipt of your application for admission, the Occupational Health Service may invite you to meet with the Occupational Health Physician, to ensure that the University can provide the required support for you in your chosen course.

On admission you may need to provide medical reports to a variety of funding bodies, particularly for funds specifically targeted at students with disabilities. The Occupational Health Service can also arrange medical reports when applying to external agencies for disability-related funding, or, where your disability has led to a change of degree pathway, or temporary withdrawal from your course.

Contact Details:
Occupational Health & Safety Services
5 Lennoxvale

Tel: 028 9097 5520

University Health Centre
Queen's University Health Centre provides a full range of NHS services and specialised Institutional Services to the staff and students of the University and their families.

Registering with the Health Centre
In order to use the University Health Centre you must be registered. It is a requirement of the health Boards in Northern Ireland that individuals be registered with a Doctor within 10 miles of their place of residence. This ensures provision should an individual require Out Of Hours Cover.

Access and facilities for students with disabilities
Parking spaces and ramp access are available at the Practice, where there are ground floor consulting rooms and a lift to the upper floor. Patients who have specific needs for access should contact the Practice Manager, Mr Jonathan Hill.

Leaflets and other Practice Information are available from the Health Centre in alternative formats including large print and audiotape.

Contact Details:
University Health Centre at Queen's
Elmwood Manse
7 University Terrace

Tel: 028 9066 4634
Website: Click Here

Other Services and Support

  • SKILL, The National Bureau for Students with Disabilities offers information and guidance for students, graduates with disabilities and university staff with an interest in this area.
  • AHEAD is the Irish Association for Higher Education Access and Disability.