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One-to-One Support

One-To-One Support

If you have been recommended for one-to-one support, the Register of Support Providers at Queen’s will match you with a Support Provider. There is a range of supports available depending on your disability / long-term condition eg Dyslexia Tutor, Academic Mental Health Tutor, Note Taker, Reader, Typist, Campus Assistant, one-to-one exam support etc.

Although not subject-specific, this support will assist you with developing more effective learning strategies to build on your strengths and empower you to fulfil your academic potential. You may meet with your Support Provider(s) on a regular or ad hoc basis depending on your preferences / course demands. If you have any queries or are experiencing difficulties with your one-to-one support, please do not hesitate to contact our Register Team at and they will do everything they can assist you.

For further information about the various supports available, please see our Students’ Guide to One-to-One Support.